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B. 'Jumbo Jet' and friends

Begonia Data Bases

To see a list of species in cultivation from the 2002-2003 survey, click found species To see a list of over 1300 Heritage cultivars, those hybridized before 1983, just click Heritage Cultivars

Alphabetical Lists

All begonias in the Data Base are contained in the following three sets of alphabetical listings.

Click on the first letter in the Begonia's name.

A B C D E F G H I-K L M N-O P Q-R S-Sc Sd-Sz T U-Z

A-B C D-F G-H I-L M N-P Q-S T-Z Uxxx species

Other Names
Common Names Cultivar of species Temporary species names Other genera

Horticultural Types

A slightly abbreviated list of cultivars is also available, divided by horticultural types.
Click on the horticultural type of interest, to see these abbreviated lists.

Cane, A-L Cane, M-Z Rex, A-L Rex, M-Z Rhizom. A-F Rhizom. G-O Rhizom. P-Z Semp. Shrub-like Thick-stemmed Trailing/ Scandent Tuberous