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Heritage begonias
A detailed listing of heritage begonias is now available on this website. The list covers all cultivars hybridized from 1848 through 1982 that are mentioned in the Begonian, plus more. Click Heritage Begoinias.
Species Pictures
The species pictorial key has recently been updated with additional pictures of plants, leaves, and flowers. There are now over 500 pictures available, along with a corresponding number of small"thumbnail" size pictures. These pictures cover approximately 190 species, 30 african, 120 american, and 40 asian. The "Key" arrangement allows rapid screening, hence identification of plants. To start the Key identification process, just click Species Pictorial Key
Cultivar Pictures
An additional 80 new pictures of cultivars have been added to the site, bringing the number of cultivars pictured to approximately 485. Again, the pictures are arranged alphabetically and also in a format similar to the ABS Show Schedule. These two arrangements greatly simplify the task of identifying a particular plant. To view the cultivars, just click Cultivar pictures
Species Pictorial Key
As a major revision of this web site, pictures of all species are now contained within a "Key" structure. By using the key, the plants are organized by their physical characteristics so that identification is significantly easier. The structure of the key follows that of the Smithsonian Begoniaceae Key but is much simpler due to the smaller number of species involved. To identify your species start with the "Species Main Key" by clicking Species Main Key

Site Objectives

This web site is designed to give to the the begonia lover, a data base of important information on a large number of the newer, more popular begonia cultivars. Data has also been accumulated on a large number of species. The principal reference sources have been: