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Main Key

Subkey 1
cane, superba/tall

Subkey 2
cane, leaf red/silver

Subkey 3
cane, leaf spotted

Subkey 4
cane, leaf no spots

Subkey 5
rhizome, leaf small

Subkey 6
rhizome, leaf medium

Subkey 7
rhizome, leaf large

Subkey 8
rhizome, leaf giant

Subkey 9
rex derivation

Subkey 10
rhizome, stems upright

Subkey 11

Subkey 12
thick stem

Subkey 13

Subkey 14

Subkey 15

Pictorial Key to Selected Begonia cultivars
Subkey 7, page 7d

(rhizomatous, large leaves, between 6 and 12 inches in length)


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This subkey is contained on four pages.

  • Click entire for page 7a, rhizomatous, medium leaves, entire/subentire edges.
  • Click lobed for page 7b, rhizomatous, medium leaves, lobed edges.
  • Click cleft for page 7c, cleft, parted, or compound edges; crested margin; spiral lobes.
  • Click crested/sprial for page 7d, crested margin; spiral lobes.

1-5. Leaf edges crested, or with spiral lobes.

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