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Main Key

Subkey 1
cane, superba/tall

Subkey 2
cane, leaf red/silver

Subkey 3
cane, leaf spotted

Subkey 4
cane, leaf no spots

Subkey 5
rhizome, leaf small

Subkey 6
rhizome, leaf medium

Subkey 7
rhizome, leaf large

Subkey 8
rhizome, leaf giant

Subkey 9
rex derivation

Subkey 10
rhizome, stems upright

Subkey 11

Subkey 12
thick stem

Subkey 13

Subkey 14

Subkey 15

Pictorial Key to Selected Begonia cultivars
Subkey 5

(rhizomatous, small leaves, less than 3 inches in length)


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1-1. Leaf edges entire or subentire

'Bethlehem Star'

'Black Taffeta'

Brown Eyes



Fairy Dust

'Fiji Islands'

Kit Kat


My Peace

Phoes Gulf Coast

'Robert Shatzer'

'Sir Sir'


'Small Change'

Tiger Kitten

'Wheel of Fortune'

'Wild Pony'

1-2. Leaf edges lobed.(cut up to 1/3 the way to the umbo)

Dejah Thoris

'Emerald Lacewing'

Southern Belle

1-3. Leaf edges cleft.(cut from 1/3 to 2/3 the way to the umbo)

'Glory Bee'

1-4. Leaf edges crested, or with spiral lobes.

'Wee Paws'