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Main Key

Subkey 1
cane, superba/tall

Subkey 2
cane, leaf red/silver

Subkey 3
cane, leaf spotted

Subkey 4
cane, leaf no spots

Subkey 5
rhizome, leaf small

Subkey 6
rhizome, leaf medium

Subkey 7
rhizome, leaf large

Subkey 8
rhizome, leaf giant

Subkey 9
rex derivation

Subkey 10
rhizome, stems upright

Subkey 11

Subkey 12
thick stem

Subkey 13

Subkey 14

Subkey 15

Pictorial Key to Selected Begonia cultivars
Subkey 2

(Cane-like, under 4 feet, leaves generally red or silver in color)


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1-1. Leaves generally red in color

'Arabian Sunset'

'Maurice Amey'

1-2. Leaves generally silver in color.

'Don Miller'

'Looking Glass'