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Growing Begonias
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B. 'Orococo'
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Growing from Seeds

Begonias can be started from seed, and many believe this is the best way to get a strong, healthy plant. Let me make a few points before discussing how.

1.) If a species flower is fertilized with pollen from the same species, the plant resulting from that seed should be exactly the same as the two parents.

2.) If a hybrid flower is fertilized in any way, it will never result in a plant that is exactly the same as either parent. It will always be a new hybrid.


Begonia seeds are very small, near the size of dust. These seeds should be lightly sprinkled on the top surface of a sterile potting medium, a mix of peat moss and perlite, and enclosed in a warm, humid environment. Normally in 14 to 30 day the seeds will germinate and plants formed. When the plants have several leaves and are to one inch in height, (maybe two or three months) they may be moved to individual pots, usually as small bunches of plants. There the roots may be washed into the medium, and with time a strong plant formed. Fungus is the main enemy. Keep everything clean.