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B. 'Platinum Plus'

Astros Christmas Party, December 5th, 2004.
Home of Malcolm McCorquodale

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Ruby, Irene and Mike
Ruby, Irene,Mike, Sara, Paulet, and Richard
Betsy, Pat, and Martha
Martha, Cheryl, Phillis, and Lynn
Don and Marian
Exchange Gifts
Door prizes
Marian and Malcolm
The gang again
Emma lee, and Leigh
Gift Plants from Keepin Green
Don, Marian, Gail, Bill, and Phillis
Gail, Fukumi, and Mosette
Richard, Jean, Ken, Pat, Martha, Cheryl, and Phillis
Gail, Ken, and Mosette
Tom and Ruby
Don, Mosette, Jean, Fukumi, Bill, and Ken
Pat and Donations for Cypress Assistance Ministries
Donations for Cypress Assistance Ministries
Cleanup detail 1
Cleanup detail 2
Malcolms fish tank
Cleanup detail 3

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