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Cane, superba-type
Div. A, Class 1

Cane, leaf red/silver
Div. A, Class 2

Cane, leaf spotted
Div. A, Class 350

Cane, leaf no spots
Div. A, Class 450

Cane, tall
Div. A, Class 5

Div. B, Classes 6-15

Div. C, Classes 16-24

Div. D, Classes 25-31

leaf small

Div. E, Classes 32-37

leaf medium

Div. E, Classes 38-43

leaf large

Div. E, Classes 44-49

leaf giant

Div. E, Classes 50-55

Rhi./Stem erect

Div. EE, Classes 56-62

Distinct leaves/surface/color

Div. EEE, Classes 63-67

Rex Cultorum
Div. F, Classes 68-75

Div. G, Classes 76-82

Div. H, Classes 83-86

Pictorial Listing of Selected Begonia cultivars
Division E, Classes 46-48
Rhizomatous, Large leaves (between 6 and 12 inches)


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This subdivision is contained on four pages.

  • Click entire/subentire for class 44, rhizomatous, large leaves, entire/subentire edges.
  • Click lobed for class 45, rhizomatous, large leaves, lobed edges.
  • Click cleft for classes 46-48, rhizomatous, large leaves, cleft, parted, or compound.
  • Click crested for class 49, rhizomatous, large leaves, crested edges or spiral lobes.

Division E, Classes 46, Leaf edges cleft.(cut from 1/3 to 2/3 the way to the umbo)

'Anne Lee Salisbury'

'Beatrice Hilview'

'Black Coffee'

'Candle Light'



'Phoes Cleo'

Raggedy Jeans



'Streaky Jeans'

Division E, class 47, Leaf edges parted.(cut more than 2/3 the way to the umbo)


'Frilly Dilly'

'Helen Jaros'

Division E, class 48, Leafs Compound.(cut all the way to the umbo)

'Kit Jeans Mounger'

'Lois's Legacy'

'Paul's Pride'

'Risa's Reward'