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Five Reasons to Hybridize Begonias.

  1. Hybridizing Assists in Preserving Begonia Diversity
  2. Hybridizing Gives Purpose to Learning about Begonias
  3. Hybridizing Begonias is Very Possible and is Still Unlimited
  4. Hybridizing Lets You Build Memories
  5. Hybridizing Lets You Never Buy Gifts Again

..And Five Ways to Do it right.

First, there are NO RULES! But if you want to do it seriously, these are guidelines most serious hybridizers would recommend.

  1. Become Expert at Seed Setting and Growing
  2. Know Begonias - Species, Hybrids
  3. Hybridize to Meet the Criteria of Uniqueness, Hardiness, Propagation Ease, and Beauty
  4. Take Time to Test
  5. If It Is Good, Distribute It!

Author: Freda Holley