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Begonias 101- An Introduction to Begonias

What makes a plant a begonia?
-leaves alternate on the stem
-leaves are asymmetrical
-male and female flowers appear on the same plant
-leaves have stipules
-flowers have bracts

Species vs. Hybrid
Species - a plant as it grows in nature, a "wild" begonia
Propagation by seed (self-cross) produces the same type plant as the parent.

Hybrid - a variety created by crossing two different types of plants.
Propagation by seed produces a different type plant than the parent(s)


-"angel wing"type
-stems erect or semi-erect with bamboo-like nodes
-does not branch easily, sends new shoots up from the base
-usually needs some sun to bloom
-propagation technique: stem cuttings
-prune in winter or early spring to control size

-bushy, branches easily
-sends up shoots from the base
-usually seasonal bloomers
-propagation technique: stem cuttings

-has rhizomes, which store food and water
-sensitive to over watering or over-potting
-need bright, indirect light
-blooms winter to early spring
-propagation techniques: leaf cuttings, leaf wedges/squares or rhizome tips

Rex Cultorum




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